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Christian Derr

The artist behind Edelplastic. His music styles range from ambient to minimal, to techno and electronica. He himself says that his musical style is a completely new mixture of all these individual genres.

Already in his childhood, he had his first experiences with the first widely used DAW Cubase and explored the possibilities that electronic music has to offer. Enthused by the simple possibility to compose music by himself, he discovered his life hobby.

As you are when you are a kid, you turn away from a hobby over time because there are more important things to do (school, for example).

After a long break, Christian was active in the Leipzig (Germany) underground scene in 2003-2007 and learned how to DJ with records from techno music. At the same time, he discovered the Image-Line software FLStudio and found back to his roots.

Since then Christian has been producing music on a regular basis.

Love music, love life


Anyone can buy ready-made samples. Edelplastic is known for composing and producing its music entirely by itself. Whether a kick drum or a melody, everything he can shape gets his unique imprint.


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